We have consulted Yllka ever since we first moved to the US to the day my family and I became US citizens. She was recommended by a friend that was currently working with Yllka who always praised her excellent work and professionalism. Yllka was very knowledgeable and efficient. She understood what needed to get done and was always on point from the very beginning by helping out with reinstating our green cards to the day we received our US passport. She handled all the application processes and was very thorough when going over each and every step. She made us feel that we were in good hands and confident that she was giving 100% on our case. She was always very easy to talk to and very responsive whenever we tried to get a hold of her. We are very thankful of her hard work and will continue to recommend her to family and friends.

, September 11, 2016

Mark has worked on our case revolving around EWI for my wife. Mark and his firm always kept the communication channels open, responded swiftly and in great level of detail. We were always up to speed with current events, latest law changes, implications to our situation and the next milestone. Mark and his team have treated us like family going above and beyond to tailor to our needs. Everything from office visits to conference calls to email exchanges was addressed with the highest level of professionalism and respect. There were many difficult decisions that we had to make along the way and Mark has always presented the situation clearly weighing in the risks and benefits. Mark's experience and expertise has given our family a new life, in which we will no longer be afraid of separation. Our case was resolved successfully and unfolded exactly as Mark explained it would. Thanks to Mark and his team our 14-month old son will be growing up with his mom and dad by his side in the USA. Mark, thank you for keeping our family united and giving us a new chance in life!

, March 22, 2014

I can't even describe how much Yllka helped us and how grateful we are that we found her. My husband had a very hard case . We went to many .. many different lawyers and no one would help us until I found her . She's the best there is and she's a WINNER ! After 8 long years of trying different lawyers to get a green card SHE is the only one that made it happen for us and very fast ! She truly by far is the best. I recommend her to everyone. We are forever thankful for her. She changed our life! Thank you so so so much for everything you do Yllka !!

, May 9, 2017

A lawyer myself, and having worked with recruiting lawyers in Chicago for more than 20 years and therefore having access to many sources of information, there is no question that Mark Davidson is the Dean of the Chicago immigration bar. The many recommendations I initially received of him, were confirmed in four years of working with him to bring my wife back to the United States in obtaining first a green card and then a waiver of the 10 year statutory bar. You are in excellent hands with Mark Davidson, however inhumane and frustrating the U.S. immigration laws may be. Unlike some immigration lawyers in Chicago he does not gouge his clients on fees. His fees were reasonable to a fault. He has a great team working with him. I recommend him extremely highly.

, January 13, 2016

Yllka is simply the best immigration attorney ever. Period. We sought her counsel regarding a Citizenship issue for my wife after working with 2 different law firms and consulting with at least 5 other attorneys. The modus operandi for most firms was to make money out of us because of the complexity of our case. Both other firms did not even have the legal acumen to chart a course towards our legal defense. In that scenario Yllka helped us out like a God-send. In my mind, two things made her awesome - 1) empathy for our situation and a humane demeanor at all times and 2) expertise of Family Immigration law so as to provide the best path forward. Throughout this process, my wife and I don't recall an instance of when she was not smiling and humble enough to help us. Eventually she was able to find a path towards Citizenship and help bring my wife's problems to a resolution. Thank You Yllka - you have been absolutely awesome!

, July 20, 2016